Introducing Encompass POS

New Smart Interface. Same FREE Service Support.

Ready for full service, counter service, quick service, fast casual, take out, curb pick up & pizza!

Click Less. Do More!

The learning curve just got flattened. Watch staff get up to speed faster and errors go down

Stop paying for features you don't use. Encompass is easily customized for your requirements – and just your requirements

Changing menu items, revising prices, making modifications for specials, eventually send promotions has never been easier

Create Floor Plans

Set up a screen to visualize your floor plan and optimize table management

Update Menus

Add and delete items without scrolling through long confusing columns

Modify Prices

Change prices for discounts and special events with a click

Cash Discount

Automatically calculate and record cash discount transactions on receipts

Simple Easy to Use Interface

Smart interface is easy for staff to learn – easier to use

Customize for Your Needs

Flexible configuration lets you select only the features you need

Reduce Errors in Order Entry

Fewer clicks, taps, touches and keystrokes means greater accuracy

Customizable to Your Business

Work with our team to build the platform tailored exactly to your needs.